2008 Exhibition

In 2008 members of Origami Scotland mounted an Origami Exhibition in the Museum of Edinburgh for approx 3 months.

After much debate we decided to mount an exhibition explaining the progress of origami from its earliest beginnings with some traditional models progressing through more and more complex models to (photos) of some of the super complex models now emerging.

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2010-10 Scottish Green Awards

In 2010 we were asked to produce some origami animals to act as table centres for the 2010 Green Awards dinner.

Part of the challenge was to make models that would be large enough to be visible in the centre of a table.  This meant that we had to avoid some models which when scaled up lose their appeal.  Given that the tabes would be round that meant that the models had to be recognisable from any angle and didn’t depandon being viewed from any specific direction.

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