Scone - August 3rd 2003

That's pronounced 'skoon' in case you're wondering. It's a small town just outside Perth that's full of people who get miffed when you mention the Stone of Destiny.

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Cairneyhill - June 1st 2003

A new arrival! Alexander Scott joined us today and he brought along his dad, David.

We started (a little tediously for new arrivals) with a discussion of what we were going to do about the upcoming events. It transpires that none of us are available to help out with Laurieston Castle's Matsuri this year, and I'll have to tell them this.

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East Kilbride - April 27th 2003

Meeting at Susan and Matthew's house.

We started with me teaching a vase by Philip Shen. I learned it at Nottingham and liked it so much (especially the sunken base) that I had to share it.


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