We are very excited to announce that at Edinburgh we will have two Special guests: Toshikazu Kawasaki (Japan) and Beth Johnson (USA)

Toshikazu Kawasaki


Undoubtedly famous for his rose design, Toshikazu Kawasaki has been active in origami and the theory of origami since the mid-1970’s. As well as the rose, he is also responsible for iso-area folding and Kawasaki’s theorem. He has written “Roses, Origami and Math” and the “Origami Dream World” books as well as featuring in many other origami publications.




Beth Johnson




“I have been folding paper for over 25 years, but I only recently began designing my own origami models. My design approach is to strive for simple and distinctive lines that capture the essence of the model. While my designs may look simple, many incorporate complex patterns such as tessellations and corrugations. I’m drawn to the beauty and elegance of these patterns, and use them to add texture and volume and interesting lines to my designs. In recognition of my work, I was awarded the Florence Temko award by the national origami organization, OrigamiUSA, at their annual convention in 2011. This award honours a “Lone Folder” who has contributed to origami in a meaningful way. In addition to designing new models, I also enjoy teaching origami and exhibiting my work. I find origami endlessly fascinating and enjoy exposing others to this rich and complex art form.”




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