Regular Activities

Origami Scotland have a number of regular meetings where we welcome new and old folders to come along and try their hand at folding – learning on your own from books or from the internet is possible, but it is often easier to learn directly from other people.

In addition to this site we are also on Facebook.

In November 2016 we started the Edinburgh Origami Meetup group to try and get more people interested in origami and the group has been meeting successfully once every two weeks ever since.  

We also have a longer “mini-meeting” once every two months which is one of the regular mini-meetings held by members of the British Origami Society (BOS).  For details of mini meetings where you are see the mini-meetings page on the BOS Website.

We are also always open to requests and invitations to provide displays and either casual, or more formal teaching of origami on request, however, or necessity this is usually restricted to evenings or weekends only.  For more information please contact us.