Scottish Mini Meetings

Scottish “mini meetings” are held on the last Sunday of the odd months (i.e. January, March, May, etc.). These are purely informal gatherings of folders who come together to teach and to learn new (at least to them) models.  The locations for the meetings vary but are commonly split between Livingston, and Cairneyhill.  You don’t need to be an experienced folder, just come along and have fun folding!

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Origami Scotland

Welcome to the website of Origami Scotland! In reality we are simply a bunch of paperfolders in Scotland who get together every now and again to do some folding. Most of us are members of the British Origami Society. We also do teaching, displays, exhibitions……

If you wish to contact us to join in or ask about events, teaching, etc., please contact us at

2014-11 Mini Meeting

Our November 2011 mini-meeting was held in Refrew with aMark Robinson as our “special guest”

Santa with Sack by Jun Maekawa
Santa Box by Francesco Mancini
Puppy by Ryo Aoki
Star (Mandala) by Maria Sinaskata
Rabbit by Gen Hagiwara

2013-01-27 Mini Meeting

An excellent mini meeting held in Livingston with some which saw Partha return for his first mini-meeting for a while, and a warm welcome to Olivia, our first new face in quite a while.

Lots of folding was achieved although only a couple of models – Martin led us through folding a simple Owl by Roman Diaz as a warm up, and then Dennis took us through what was probably our longest folding session to date where we all managed to fold Hideo Komatsu’s horse, albeit after much rustling, repeat explanations and cries of “you want us to do what?”  A difficult model to teach, but extremely satisfying to achieve.  Hopefully we haven’t scared away our new recruit!

2012-09-30 Mini meeting

An excellent mini meeting where Martin taught a Jewelery box by Max Hulme, and Dennis taught us Millefiori by Miyuki Kawamura, Oddball by Dave Brill, and his own Simple Dog head.