Origami In Scots

Flypit Paper:-Origami in Scots

(note: this is pronounced ‘FLIPE-it’)

 Flypin’ Paper; Kin ye no’ dae it richt?
Dae yer spuggies look mair like coos?
Dae ye no’ ken whit the wee pictures mean?
Dinnae fash yirsel’! Read this an ye’ll no’ get in a fankle.


Flype afore (valley or glen)

Flype ahent (mountain or ben)

Sneck alang here

Dae it again, ahent

Birl it roon

Birl it o’er

Keek frae here

Pan it doon (or in)

Blaw it up


Noo gang awa an’ maik yer ain flappit doo!

 Guid flypin’.

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