Dennis Where’s your Kami

Well I just got in from Edinburgh
I fold paper but I ain’t no nerd
The lassies all want a flapping bird
Dennis where’s your kami?

Let the folds go high
Let the folds go low
Down the street in my kilt I go
And all the lassies say hello
Dennis where’s your kami?

A lassie asked for a modular ball
but naw, it would nae lock at all
I nearly gave Montroll a call
but then I found my kami


To fold a kilt is my delight
It isn’t wrong, I know it’s right
The treemakers would get in a fright
If they saw me with me kami


Well I made a frog all for a show
but in 3D it wouldnae go
So I hiked up my Kilt and gave it a blow
Now you can’t do that with kami!

Chorus & fold.

First published in BOS Magazine issue 247 December 2007

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