2003-04-27 Mini Meeting

East Kilbride – April 27th 2003

Meeting at Susan and Matthew’s house.

We started with me teaching a vase by Philip Shen. I learned it at Nottingham and liked it so much (especially the sunken base) that I had to share it.

Ken Dowson then showed us the model that he’d been working on. He caught the Business Card Menger Sponge bug a while back and at the time we discussed various possibilities for a triangular version. This would in effect be a three dimensional Sierpinski triangle.

Ken’s current solution uses Tomoko Fuse’s Bird Unit to make a hexahedron and some joining units. It’s not quite the solution he’s looking for but it’s close and he’s sure that he’s on the right track. He taught the modules so that we could all have a go.

Following the last meeting, we were now taught the ‘Bull’s Bust’ by Matthew. It seems to be either a bull’s head or a goat’s head depending on how you fold it (my attempt looked somewhat demonic!) Matthew used some coloured paper to give a touch of gore to the horns. We agreed that it is a really effective Minotaur head. Now all we need to do is turn the neck stand into a body.

All this was punctuated with the usual banter, jokes, tangential references, biscuits and general free-folding.

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