2003-06-01 Mini Meeting

Cairneyhill – June 1st 2003

A new arrival! Alexander Scott joined us today and he brought along his dad, David.

We started (a little tediously for new arrivals) with a discussion of what we were going to do about the upcoming events. It transpires that none of us are available to help out with Laurieston Castle’s Matsuri this year, and I’ll have to tell them this.

Then we discussed the models required for the Mazda rally in September. They would like an origami Mazda. I’ve had a go at modifying Max Hulme’s Bugatti. I think it’ll work (when I get the dimensions right and add a windscreen!)

We then chose 6 simple models to place on each of the 100 tables (yep! 600 models) and had a great deal of fun reminding ourselves how to fold them. Keiji Kitamura’s Staying Cat was a particular favourite.

Following from the last meeting we also showed the Sierpinski Sponges (old and new)


and Mark Leonard’s Crossbow

Denver Lawson’s Artichoke module was also taught. Pat liked it just at one layer.

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