2004-02-01 Mini Meeting

Cairneyhill – February 1st 2004

We decided that today would be hats day. So we dug out Joan Sallas’ book and each made a hat. This took some doing as we all had to cut different sizes of paper and were all trying to get ours folded at the same time from one book.

Alexander wearing the Fox Cub hat with his father David wearing the Pannetone Hat.

Matthew wearing the (very difficult) beret, Kenny wearing the Gladiator , me (predictably) wearing two cats, and Susan as Nefertiti.

Our order from Opane had arrived and Kenny distributed the spoils! This included some ‘Strawberry paper’ Red with spots on one side and green on the other. So we all made strawberries and I made a Fuse bowl to put them in.

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