2003-09-28 Mini Meeting

Cairneyhill – September 28th 2003

With the Rally out of the way, we decided to settle down into some folding for ourselves. From the attention that the Dragon received at the Rally, the first order of the day was for Kenny to give us a ‘Golden Venture’ Workshop.

This was mainly a lesson in understanding the way the assembly is diagrammed. A manic folding session followed during which we made 3 shrimps.

Matthew was particularly struck by this concept and feels that it should be possible to make a pretty good positionable hand. What (if anything) comes of this idea will be documented in future meeting notes!

Meanwhile, a Corrie dog was being attempted by a relative newcomer (David Scott) for his son. The diagrams proved to be not suitable for the beginner, but with perseverance and a nudge in the right direction a dog was made. What we hadn’t realised was that the dog’s head would be a different colour from it’s body!

After that (and some tea) we proceeded to raid Kenny’s recent Fuse book purchase. From this we made a very pretty star and some very cute little duck chopstick rests.










To end the session, Matthew dug out one of the Halle Cartoon books purchased at the York convention and taught us the Idefix model. For English speaking Asterix fans, this is Dogmatix. A very nice model!

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