2003-08-03 Mini Meeting

Scone – August 3rd 2003

That’s pronounced ‘skoon’ in case you’re wondering. It’s a small town just outside Perth that’s full of people who get miffed when you mention the Stone of Destiny.

Anyway! Another meeting dominated by the upcoming Mazda display. We have most of the little bits done and a few display models ready to go. (I still haven’t actually folded the Mazda yet! I’l have to start soon!).

Pat brought along the scottie dog that she’s been folding and taught it to the rest of us

I brought along a couple of things that I folded on holiday.











I’m not too happy with the buddha, but it was hard work, so it’ll have to do for now!

Irene folded a few kimonos, but managed not to teach it! Next time…

For more display items I’ll fold some Hulme sheep and Matthew has volunteered to fold a Kasahara Eagle.

In short, it’s all coming together. Some final setting up needs to be done at the site itself and then the display. Kenny and I will tackle the display (hopefully!) and we’ll all do classes on the day.

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